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Pawsitive Training For Humans & Their Dogs

Our goal is to create joy and life-long relationships
between humans and their dogs.

Training the dog you want...

For some, showing their dog on the conformation circuit is the ultimate goal. For others, they just want a dog that won't steal the Thanksgiving turkey while the holiday guests are arriving. At Pawsitive Steps, we want you to have a dog that YOU want to live with. Our services are geared towards everyday pet owner who wants to have a “do-anything dog” who will lovingly respond to ALL members of your household, each and every time.

Our philosophy is that good dog training begins with good human training. Yes, you read this correctly!  Our classes should actually be called HUMAN TRAINING courses, because that is what we strive to do: TRAIN HUMANS! Unless your dog knows what you expect from them on a continual basis, there will always be a disconnect between what you WANT them to do and what they WILL do. If the humans learn to be fair and consistent, there is no room left for guessing the dog’s part! Everyone wins!

Each dog is unique...

Pawsitive Steps staff members look at each dog as an individual. We recognize that often, methods that work for some dogs don't always work well for others. Using consistent methods that make sense to the dog, we teach humans how to more effectively communicate with their dogs.  We are proud to assist in bridging the gap between what you may THINK you are saying to your dog and what they are ACTUALLY hearing. 

The Pawsitive Steps K9 staff is comprised of some of the area's finest trainers. Pawsitive Steps prides itself on a staff that has been both formally educated in animal behavioral science and numerous years of being actively engaged in the animal behavioral field. Whether you are interested in a seminar, group classes, private lessons, or a private consultation, our staff is ready to assist you and your four-legged pal.  We look forward to working with you and your canine companion!

Group Classes

We proudly offer a variety of classes at various locations in MA, NH, and Maine.

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In addition to group Classes, Pawsitive Steps also proudly offers the following services:

  • Private Behavioral Consultations
  • Private Lessons
  • Gentle Leader® Fittings
  • Shelter Evaluations
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She’s Back at it AGAIN!

After a 4-year hiatus, Amesbury native and Maine resident Becky (Randall) Pelletier is BACK by popular demand! With over 20 years of professional training experience, helping people and their pets in the seacoast area, Pelletier has come out of retirement and is offering private consultations, training and group classes at various locations in MA, NH and Maine!

Pelletier taught collegiate Animal Science Courses for many years under one of the area’s leading homeopathic vets. She has extensive knowledge and education in canine and feline behavior and nutrition and a deep interest and continued education in homeopathy, essential oils, flower essences and the use of alternative healing modalities for animals.

She works closely with various ACOs and rescues doing intake and temperament evaluations and the occasional home check for Rottweiler Rescue. She is responsible for past Reading to Rover Programs in the Newburyport public school system and has worked with and trained many of the local veterinary and pet industry professional’s dogs.